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We stock a wide range of accessories to enhance the look and function of your vehicle, from nudge guards and roll bars for your pick up truck to aerodynamic windbreaker kits and Anteo tail lifts for your trucks and trailers.

We can also make modifications to your existing pick up truck canopy or truck body, whether they were purchased from Sai Raj or from elsewhere. We can create spaces for and install a variety of windows and door configurations wherever you would need them on your fiberglass canopy or within the truck body panels. We can also make modifications to the rear of your vehicle, including installation of special fiberglass grooved floors and other non-slip floor linings, seat and bench configurations, racks and shelving for extra organized storage capacity, and much more.

View our range of value-adding and feature-enhancing accessories and modifications, and give your vehicle the features you need them to have. For any further information, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

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